Last weekend the stairs to my parents deck got replaced. I guess you call them builders or contractors? Anyway, Porch and Patio of Frederick did the work to fix the deck. They laid new concrete footers and built up the stairs, or runners, or stringer things to get the staircase in place and then matched the hardwood on the rest of the deck.

I’m bringing this up because the manager guy was really cool, totally was into music, and even said he might need some help next summer. He┬áran through what they were doing each step along the way and let me mix the concrete. It probably doesn’t sound all that fun, but from start to finish it was awesome to build something! Maybe I need to go into Engineering. LOL I would LOVE to build stuff over a summer though! Builder by day, pimp DJ by night!

Speaking of school… This is the start of my second year at the University of Maryland and what an amazing time I have spent at this school. I enrolled last year in Communication and Marketing.


I have learned a lot in the last 12 months and I am glad that I chose University of Maryland. It is undoubtedly the world’s most premier education institutions and has the best teachers teaching you everything you need to launch into the career of your choice. I have only just started my second year and I have already worked as an intern at an advertising company to get as much exposure as I can.

I have always admired print and digital advertising. University of Maryland has been a great institution so far, teaching me with all the necessary skills I need. Last year has taught me a lot about the world of advertising. It has taught me the skills to put my creative genius into different ways of marketing a product as simple as a pen.

I have read many books and attended seminars of Jordan Belfort, the most amazing motivational speaker of our times, a man who has seen the most difficult of times and came out victorious. What a great example his life has been, a story that he published as a novel, The Wolf of Wall Street, which was recently adapted into a movie, starring Leonardo Dicaprio. His lectures have taught me and motivated me to keep my passion for DJing alive in me and carry on with my studies.


Coming back to my school, it is the start of the New Year and I plan to learn more advertising techniques that are influencing the consumer world of today. In April, UMD organized a vibrant festival by the name of Maryland Day that was filled with interactive events. I met a lot of new people who were attending the Music school at UMD. I met Chris and Gary at the Gildenhorn Recital Hall. Chris is into transformer scratch like me and has been playing live for the students of Maryland at private parties. Gary is just superb with vocals. We instantly connected and combined our skills to produce a few beats together.

During the vacations we played at a few concerts and the feedback and appreciation we have received is just overwhelming for the three of us. It is like we sync together. At our first concert together, we tried to play beats similar to Diplo and we received positive response.

Thankfully, I have been able to form my first band with my mates from school and have enjoyed every minute creating music using different scratching techniques. I have also tried my hand at writing a few songs that I hope we will produce music for in the coming months.

So far things have been pretty good. My music career is taking a new turn, my studies are going great, and I really hope I can take both of them along successfully.

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