Hey hey everyone,

I feel like a ballerina coming out for my first recital! I’m probably making this more complicated than it needs to be but starting a blog is stressful. A professor suggested that I try blogging to get more comfortable putting myself out there and to drum up some awareness of my new hobby. It’s not the writing actually, it’s the writing about myself that’s stressful.

Anyway as you most likely have guessed it, I’m an introvert. To make it even more painful, I’m an introverted Communication major that’s aspiring to start DJ’ing. Although, being a comms major doesn’t mean that you’re actually in-front of people. There’s plenty of behind the scenes communication jobs out there! Oh, and no one actually talks to the DJ either! HA!

I digress though as I’ve built and started this thing, so I need to make the best of it.

For around the past five years, I’ve been watching and learning the art of DJ’ing from my brother Shawn. Now I don’t think of myself as good necessarily, but I think I can handle myself and get the body moving. First and foremost, I’m not going to be placing anything up here as this site is to talk about my journey. I’m not here to sell my stuff to anyone.

I do love the way the music can move you and I will become accomplished at my craft someday. There’s nothing like watching my brother doing his thing and seeing the crowd respond to every flick, tap, and motion as he creates something custom and unique. I want to move people like he does and like the greats do.

So I have a few tools of the trade already. I picked up a hand-me-down Midi controller from my brother but I’m mostly using my laptop with Virtual DJ installed on it. They don’t work together though as my home version of the Virtual DJ doesn’t work with hardware. It’s okay though as I’m learning a ton just with the software.

I’ve found some online courses that can take you from beginner to superstar but I’m trying to pinch a few pennies and learn myself.

I’ve been currently working with building and setting loops and adding simple effects to loops.

Looping is basically setting up a section of a melody to play over and over. You don’t have to worry about clicking the time perfectly anymore, like the old school guys had to. Instead, you find the start point on your track, and then set how long you want to loop to be in beats or bars. Then the software does its part and you have a sweet loop.

It’s a cool way to loop the start and end of two songs together. You can take the ending melody from a song and then loop it in with the start of another until the other song starts to pick up momentum.

There are also some loops that I really like and have attempted to keep them embedded in a song to give it a new flavor. This has been met with mixed results. Some have been epic, while other results have failed miserably! This is why I’m practicing and learning though!

I’ve actually used loop with sound effects in songs to add emphasis on parts of the music. I’ve got a LOT of good feedback here. This can be overdone quickly though so I have to force myself not to go overboard with this.

The final part I’m currently learning is rolling loops or loop roll. It’s where you cut loops down as you add them so they eventually fade away. The timing on doing this and how it matches with the music you’re inserting it… I just don’t know about this. I need to listen to more successful examples before I think I can pull this off myself.

Looping is easy. Looping with music in a method that it flows seamlessly and feels like part of the song is frickin’ bonkers tough! Much respect to those who have come before me.

HA! I wrote about something besides me and it was easy!

I’m out of here for now. I need to get back to the grind and learn away!

Uh… See ya?


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