New DJ

Hi Everyone, Steve here. Your run of the mill student and all around awesome guy.

During the past few weeks I have been checking out the work of DJs from around the world. Chris, my DJ duo buddy is enthusiastic about us playing at different late night concerts. During the past few months, we have played in over a handful of parties, and we have received an overwhelming response. It has given us a great boost and we are trying to come up with original beats next year.

The Start Of School

Last weekend the stairs to my parents deck got replaced. I guess you call them builders or contractors? Anyway, Porch and Patio of Frederick did the work to fix the deck. They laid new concrete footers and built up the stairs, or runners, or stringer things to get the staircase in place and then matched the hardwood on the rest of the deck.

Music and Favorite DJs

Hey There,

Now, I have been thinking about all the DJs that have inspired me and have influenced me since the age of 5. People who have ingrained in me the passion for disc jockeying, I mean, literally, seeing my favorite DJs scratch so brilliantly was the best thing.

I have learnt most of the scratching techniques from my favorite DJs. I would watch their videos over and over again, carefully noting the way the moved their fingers. When I first got into it, I really didn’t know how it worked, but I learned some truly amazing scratch techniques that I would love to share with you all.


Hey hey everyone,

I feel like a ballerina coming out for my first recital! I’m probably making this more complicated than it needs to be but starting a blog is stressful. A professor suggested that I try blogging to get more comfortable putting myself out there and to drum up some awareness of my new hobby. It’s not the writing actually, it’s the writing about myself that’s stressful.